Schools FAQs

How can I pay for / order my child’s School Picture BEFORE they are taken?

Select ***FALL PREPAY***

Type in your child’s School.

Fill out the Online Order Form.

How can I pay for my child’s School Picture AFTER picture day?

You can mail an Order Form to our office:

Network Photography
N171W20999 Industrial Dr.
Jackson, WI 53037

If your child’s portrait has already been taken, you will need a password to order online which will arrive at the school for all students when the pictures are delivered. All students photographed will receive an Online Password.

You can call our Customer Service line (262-677-8662) and place an order over the phone.

If my school offers Class Groups or Composites – do I have to place an order to receive one?

For the Elementary schools that offer Class Groups or Composites as part of their program, each student will automatically receive 1 – 8×10 Class Group as a complimentary product (delivered at a later date). If you wish to purchase extra copies they will be available to order after delivery for $10 each by calling our office: (262-677-8662).

What do I need to do for a Retake Photo?

Simply return your entire original portrait package on retake day to the Photographer. We will retake and reprint your entire order with the new image for no charge.

If your child does not return their original photos on retake day, we can still retake their picture, but a new package will not be printed until the original package is returned. You can drop off or mail your package to our office. If your new package needs to be mailed home, there may be a small shipping fee. Please call our customer service line for more information.  262-677-8662

How do I view my child’s photo online?

Once you receive your child’s online password, click on the STORE tab and enter the password in the Private Gallery Login. This will take you to their private gallery to view and purchase photos.

How soon are photos posted online to view after they are taken?

Portrait Packages and online password cards for all students photographed will arrive to the school within 3-4 weeks from picture day. You will need the online password in order to view photos.

How can I get my Private Gallery Login Password?

You can call or email customer service to retrieve. You will need to provide your name, the student/athlete name, the name of the school/organization, and specify if it is a School Photo or Sports Photo.